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Geralt of Rivea

Since a long time I’ve been really frustrated with the line quality of photoshop, the pressure seems not to work very well, and I never get the right stroke that I want. Somehow just does’t feel very natural and that just ruins the creative process for me. 

So I decided to give another try to corel painter, I’ve had it installed in my laptop for ages but never took the time to get into it, and the fact that is a more heavy software that made always not take it to seriously. How wrong I was… It’s a great software, it has his own issues but the line quality it’s like fresh air. Just feels great, and it’s so easy to get really nice line work. I still need to explore more the painting side of it but so far it has been a great experience! Look at me I am even writing about it, this how happy I am! :)

About the sketches, I just been playing with shapes and trying to be more comfortable creating characters and random poses.

Playing with values with this little creature.